My Computer Manager

My Computer Manager
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08. Jul 2016

Add shortcuts to your My Computer and Control Panel

My Computer Manager is an application that lets you add shortcuts to the files or folders to your My Computer and Control Panel.

Users can erase these folders directly from My Computer or Control Panel by the right clicking the Delete option.



+ added
* changed
- deleted
! bug fixed


v4.0.0 - 17-04-2013

    + Public Release.


v4.0.1 - 14-06-2013

    ! Fixed issue where application doesn't prevent user from resizing window beyond minimum size.


v4.0.2 - 19-07-2013

    ! Fixed crash on startup for some users.


v4.1.0 - 06-08-2014

    + Now users can easily contribute translation for My Computer Manager in their language using text based translation system.


v4.1.1 - 18-10-2014

   ! Fixed bug in crash reporting functionality.


v4.1.2 - 12-03-2015

   ! Fixed issues with new translation system some times prevent application from starting for some users.


v4.1.3 - 14-03-2015

   * Now user can see currently active language in Language menu.


v4.1.4 - 10-06-2016

   ! Fixed memory leak issue causing crash.


v4.1.5 - 08-07-2016

   ! Fixed an issue where adding file or folder shortcut with ',' character in the name causes it to open Documents folder when used.


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