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Right Click Enhancer Portable
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21. Oct 2016

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! bug fixed


v4.0.0 - 06-04-2013

   +Public Release.


v4.0.1 - 08-04-2013

   ! Fixed bug in Right Click Editor IE causing error on startup.

   ! Fixed few small bugs in File Types Editor.


v4.0.2 - 16-04-2013

   * State of all the lists in the applications will be saved on exit in all the applications.

   ! Fixed bug in rename functionality where entering invalid characters while renaming leads to crash.

   ! Fixed bug in File Types Editor where even if the removal of extension or file type failed, that entry removed from the list.


v4.1.0 - 29-05-2013

   + Added new application for verifying SFV files instead of SFVNinja.

   + Added Smart Renamer and SmartSFV shortcuts in main UI.

   ! Fixed crash on startup for some users in New Menu Editor and File Types Editor.

   ! Fixed issue in all applications where application doesn't prevent user from resizing window beyond minimum size.

   ! Fixed bug in New Menu Editor where file of the same type not shown in file selection dialog while adding template file.

   ! Fixed bug in New Menu Editor where application doesn't prevent user from adding already present file type in new menu.

   ! Fixed bug in New Menu Editor where some times adding or removing file type in new menu results in a crash.


v4.1.1 - 18-07-2013

   + Added new tweak in Right Click Tweaker to compare two files using hash functions like SHA1, MD5 and CRC32.

   ! Fixed crash in File Types Editor for some users in Change FileType window.

   ! Fixed crash in File Types Editor for some users in Edit FileType window.

   ! Fixed issue in File Types Editor where editing File Type description doesn't work.


v4.1.2 - 19-09-2013

   + Added new menu named Action in the main menu of all the tools that contains all the actions.

   ! Fixed bug in File Types Editor that crashes application when trying to change the file type of the file extension with no file type associated with it.

   ! Fixed bug in Smart Renamer that crashes application when MP3 file contains invalid header data.


v4.1.3 - 23-11-2013

   * Now users can Print file list from a read only medias like DVDs.

   ! Fixed issue in Right Click Tweaker where adding Take Ownership and Open Command Prompt as Admin tweak together don't show Open Command Prompt as Admin in the context menu.


v4.1.4 - 20-12-2013

   ! Fixed issue in Smart Renamer with random number names somtimes shows same names for two or more files.

   ! Fixed issue where trying to give the same name as other shortcut in Send to menu leads to crash.


v4.2.0 - 06-08-2014

   + Now users can easily contribute translation for Right Click Enhancer in their language using text based translation system.



v4.3.0 - 17-10-2014

   ! Fixed bug where verifying SFV file leads to crash if file listed in it removed after loading the SFV file in to the SmartSFV.

   + Added new tweak called Create New Folder in Right Click Tweaker that allows users to create new folder directly from right click.


v4.3.1 - 18-10-2014

   ! Fixed bug that cause Smart Renamer to crash on startup.


v4.3.2 - 08-01-2015

   ! Fixed issue with New folder tweak not working for some users.

   * Now New folder tweak only works for Widows 7 and later versions of Windows.


v4.3.3 - 19-01-2015

   ! Fixed issue where File Types Editor doesn't show Perceived Types.


v4.3.4 - 12-03-2015

   ! Fixed issues with new translation system some times prevent application from starting for some users.


v4.3.5 - 14-03-2015

   + Added filtering functionality in Smart Renamer to easily find files and folders.

   * Now user can see currently active language in Language menu.


v4.3.6 - 05-06-2015

   ! Fixed Italiano translation.

   + Added Arabic and Portuguese translation.

   + Added "Directory\Background" entry in File Types Editor.


v4.3.7 - 05-10-2015

   + Added Bahasa Indonesia translation.

   + Fixed bug in Comapre File Hash tweak. Now all the hash value comparisons will be case insensitive.


v4.3.8 - 05-06-2016

   ! Fixed an issue where File Types Editor crashes if user doesn't have sufficient rights to create the menu item. User will get the error message now instead of crash if he/she doesn't have sufficient right to add the menu item.

   ! Fixed an issue where New Menu Editor crashes if user try to remove new menu entry but template associated with it can't be removed.

   ! Fixed and issue where Right Click Editor IE rarely crash if user try to remove context menu item.

   ! Fixed an issue where trying to delete some of the default Windows send to menu entries leads to crash.

   ! Fixed an issue in Smart Renamer where trying to rename file not present on the disk leads to crash. Now there will be no effect on the name of missing file if user try to rename it.

   ! Fixed an issue in SmartSFV where trying to calculate checksum of file in use leads to crash. Now if application cant read the file it will show empty string as a checksum.

   * Updated Objectlistview library to version 2.9.1.

   ! Added more file extensions to "Copy Content" tweak.

   ! Fixed Polish translation.


v4.4 - 21-06-2016

   + Added new tweak called Copy as Path to copy path of a file or folder directly from right click menu.


v4.4.1 - 05-07-2016

   + Added Bulgarian translation.


v4.4.2 - 21-10-2016

   ! Fixed an issue in Smart Renamer that prevents it to rename files when only capitalization of the name changes.

   ! Fixed an issue in File Types Editor where arguments text of command wasn't show quotes (") even if they are present around some of the arguments.

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